Sunday, October 21, 2012


Who knows what will come out of this.

Unfortunately I have used FB for a creative outlet.  What problem is that you ask?  It totally enables me to limit my writing and not push myself.  It also enables my writing  fears and only be funny in a few sentences. SO, here I go.

Tori reminded me it has been a year since I had written in my blog.  SHAME.  Sedra re-reminded me that she finds hers to help her.

Today I wanted to find a hobby.  Laugh.  Like I need to look for one.  So I made a snacky for Mike.  There is a part of me that watched disdainfully as I wandered everywhere EXCEPT here.  Even sitting here I am forcing myself & my head not to wander.

Yesterday I gave a friend a psychic overview.  I can't explain it.  But he wanted to know why I didn't want to see Paranormal 4.  I laughed & said I had that shit for real in my basement.  I realized I didn't recently.  I could blame it on the energy shift in the house but again that is ignoring the main stepping away.  I tried to use my pendulum but as normal it was a weak attempt at communications.  I almost "tag" up with a hobby and then move on.

SO, tonight I am calling to my guides to move me forward in my education.  I am missing something in myself.  Nothing dangerous except my love of who i am.


Edra Davidson said...

Welcome back! I so have missed your writings.

Wendy said...

Please blog again!!!!! Granted who am I to talk - I have four different blogs right now and only writing in a wedding one and a weightloss one....nevermind - keep doing what keeps you happy :)